Apple products can be bought from the Apple Store as well as its authorized retailers or resellers. However, it is only from the Apple Store that customers can take advantage of wonderful product deals as well as offers. Here's why you should purchase products from the Apple store itself.


1. Take advantage of exclusive features.


Apple store provides exclusive features to its customers that they are not going to find at other shops, such as engraving services for iPod and iPad. You are allowed to enter a single-liner text for your iPod nano as well as iPod shuffle, and a double-liner text for iPod classic, iPod touch, and iPad. A screen is going to display how your text will look like when engraved, so that you can check for any misspelled words. Likewise, it lets you choose and personalize Mac products, basing on the Mac model as well as the configurations you'd like your computer to have. It also sells refurbished and discounted Apple products. Such items have gone through complete testing as well refurbishments prior to selling, and they come with the standard 1-year limited product warranty from the company.


2. Individualize your Apple products.


It becomes easy to give Apple products as presents. The Apple Store is equipped with a unique laser-engraving technology for personalizing iPod as well as iPad products. It likewise provides customers with gift wrapping alongside personalized greeting cards. 


3. Guaranteed prompt shipment and delivery of purchased products.


Apple Store hands over the purchases of its customers to only the most trusted product carriers. After placing your order, you are going to automatically receive a confirmation email message regarding the details of your order. You will also receive shipment notification once it has prepared shipment. There are four freight methods you can choose from and with varying fees and costs. If you have any question or issues regarding the products, its customer support service is accessible at all times.


4.  Get products from the Apple Store with an Apple gift card.


To get your exclusive Apple gift card, you have to qualify for the Apple Recycling Program. The program lets you trade your old iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac for the Apple gift card. The value of the card is determined by the worth of the item and you can use it to avail of Apple Store's products. 


5. Verify the status of the purchased product on the Internet.



iPhone repair Store lets you verify the status of your product on the Internet using your Apple account. You can likewise see the status of the product you purchased by entering its order number, shipping code, along with your email address via Apple Store's online order status website.